Kisah Seram by Hauntu Ep-4 : The Dead Child #MyHauntuStory

Kisah Seram by Hauntu Ep-4 : The Dead Child #MyHauntuStory


The Dead Child (True Story By Atiqa)

Me and my fam were walking on the way to buy groceries. Along the way there was a kindergarten, it was a Sunday so it was closed. But then I saw a boy on the swings, and another younger girl sliding down the slide who will think that they are dead? I told my fam, "those kids must be the owners of the place". 

But when my fam looked at it, there was no one, but the swing was swaying as if there was someone on it. My mom reassured me, there was no one. I remember it very clearly as it happened, no wonder I didn't see the kid's face but just the jersey the boy wore.

#MyHauntuStory Kisah Seram is brought to you by Hauntu. Based on original and true horror experience by the contributor(s).

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