Don’t you dare do this ghostly taboos during CNY

Don't you dare do this ghostly taboos during CNY

There are many taboos associated with the Lunar New Year in traditional Chinese society. During this festive holiday, Chinese people consider their good behavior during Chinese New Year to be a sign of good fortune for the following year. They would not only observe the event by following traditional laws, but they would also avoid breaking several taboos. Here are three very important CNY taboos you (must) should avoid whether you believe them or not, because even if you don't, others might, and why ruin someone else's joy? 

CNY Taboo 1. Don't Stab Chopsticks on Your Bowl of Rice

ghostly cny taboos

Having chopsticks jabbed into your dish of rice not only looks obscenely disrespectful, but it also mimics joss sticks offered to the dead. It's implicitly cursing your own death while simultaneously informing the ghosts that it's their dish of rice.

CNY Taboo 2. Don't Wear Black


ghostly cny taboos

If your family is superstitious, they will refuse to explain that wearing black during CNY is considered unlucky. They'll most likely force you to wear a bright red shirt to make you look like a firecracker. Many colours have different meanings throughout Chinese New Year, which is why we always wear bright colours like red or orange to represent prosperity and good fortune. Colors such as black and white are also avoided because they are usually associated with funerals. Nobody (particularly your favourite wealthy relative) will appreciate it if you arrive at their home as if it were a funeral. Confirm no ang pow for you. As a result, black attire is associated with death, depression, and other bad and unfavourable events. Don't say we didn't warn you before you try to wear black again and get scolded by your mother!

CNY Taboo 3. Dont Pray Wrongly to the God of Wealth

ghostly cny taboos

Cai Shen (财神) is one of the most commonly mentioned names during the New Year's celebrations. In the following year, people seek to earn the graces of the deity of wealth but many people don't know the proper way of praying for this deity’s help. There is a specific way to pray to Cai Shen to ask for his blessings in wealth but if you do not know how to do the offerings better just not do it. Why you may ask? What if you wrongly do the offering to another deity and the one that comes just gives bad omens and negative energy for the year?  Wouldn't that be a bummer?

If you wouldn't like a ghastly encounter with one of these bad incidents, then maybe actually following the guidelines given for these taboos might save you a lot of trouble. Even if you're not Chinese, this can be a good conversation starter for you to understand your friends and their culture better.

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