A Haunted House Like No Other...

A terrifying, scream worthy 90 mins at Hauntu starts with the unraveling of a most intriguing story and ends right at the witching hour.

You Can Interact with Actors

Imagine you are part of an elaborate horror story in this haunted house. Experience an hour plus of terrifying stories, sinister rituals, and gripping live performances. We are bringing back old Malaysian vibes from the 1960s, get into character, and act along with our talented cast.

Choose your own path

Choose your path wisely. There is more than one ending in this haunted house experience and your decisions will determine your ending. Be observant of every detail delivered by the actors and get your desired outcome. Always come back to play again for a different ending.

Discover the mystery

Don’t come alone! Gather up your friends and frenemies to have someone to cling to or to offer up as a Hantu sacrifice.  Interconnected episodes unlock the horror mystery behind the haunted Colle Eastern Hotel. New episodes are featured every few months on rotation.

We Make You FEEL How A Haunted House Should Be..

Experience the adrenaline rush at the haunted Colle Eastern Hotel.
2 men & 1 lady in 90s outfit

Watch your back. What hides behind a friendly smile may be dark, murderous intentions.

lady in read and black hijab

In the belly of the hotel lie black magic spells and rituals. Do you trust her to lift your curse? How far would you go?

men's back wearing jacket and cap

The cute innocence of youth may lead you astray. Remember why you are here and choose your path wisely.

In The Current | Episode 3

The Investigator [1995]

You are part of a team of paranormal investigators led by a young leader that is hellbent on uncovering the Colle Eastern Hotel's hauntings. The team aims to investigate parts of the hotel that was rumoured to be the most sinister, hoping to capture signs of supernatural activity. As your time in the hotel grew longer into the night, you soon realise that no one was prepared for what awaits inside The Colle Eastern.

Location & Operating Hours

HAUNTU , 2-9, Level 2, The LINC KL,
360 Jalan Tun Razak,
50450, KL
LRT station: Ampang Park

MON, TUES (Close)
WEDS - FRIDAY(2pm - 10pm)

SATURDAY, & SUNDAY  (11am - 10pm)

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