A Haunted House Like No Other...

Interact with Actors

Imagine you are part of an elaborate horror story. You will have 1 hour and will be guided through immersive theatre by professional ghost actors. Act along and get into the character.

Choose your own path

There are more than one ending in this experience and your decisions determine your ending. Be observant to every detail delivered by the actors and get your desired outcome. Always come back to play again for a different ending.

Discover the mystery

Enjoy the scare while unfolding the mystery. Interconnected episodes unlock the horror mystery behind the haunted Colle Eastern Hotel. New episodes featured every few months on rotation.

Not the Conventional Haunted House with only "Jump Scares"

Haunted House KL | Lady Witch
Copy of Megat Posessed 3 (1)
Hauntu Horror House KL

Horror of the month

The Tourist [1957]

Having not received a word from your brother in a very long time, you were pleasantly surprised when a letter arrived in the mail inviting you and some friends to spend Merdeka Day at the Colle Eastern Hotel where he works. You arrive at the hotel at 1 am in the morning, weary from a full day of travel, and overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the city befitting such a momentous occasion. You want nothing more than to settle in for a good night’s rest in your hotel bed when things take a sinister and horrifying turn, giving you and your friends a night you will long to forget…

Location & Hours

2-9, Level 2, The LINC KL,
360 Jalan Tun Razak,
50450, KL
Nearest LRT station: Ampang Park LRT Station

MONDAY - FRIDAY(2pm - 11pm)
SATURDAY, & SUNDAY  (11am - 11pm)

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