Kisah Seram by Hauntu Ep-5 : Night Ride to Work #MyHauntuStory

Kisah Seram by Hauntu Ep-5 : Night Ride to Work #MyHauntuStory


Night Ride to Work (True Horror Story By Sachin)

So I was on call (Dentist) and at that time my place was 30min away. So I received a call and I drove to the hospital. There's a shortcut I always take that will pass through a village with an eerie view and nothing but trees.

So this village has no proper drain works. And it was the rainy season. So the area will be the first to flood. And I didn't want to be stuck in the flood. As I drove to the hospital, I was cursing as I saw the drains were full of water and it’s getting on the roads. I was thinking later it might be flooding and I can’t go home.

Then halfway driving I saw this overweight man, or so I thought and he was standing next to the drain which was full of water. It was in heavy rain and since I drove fast I just passed him and I was thinking "EH what is this man doing outside? Is he mad? Is he OKU? What was he doing outside under the heavy rain? I wanted to stop to go and ask whether he's OK or not but as I drove past him I was looking at him and I saw a glance of him turning his head to me. 

Then straight away I looked in my rear mirror and just like that he disappeared. It was just a mere seconds after passing through him and I decided to look in the mirror. There wasn't anybody there. It doesn’t make any sense. I was having chills all over my body. I continue driving to the hospital. I didn't take the same road back. 

#MyHauntuStory Kisah Seram is brought to you by Hauntu. Based on original and true horror experience by the contributor(s).

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