Tips On How To Use The Amulet (Coin) From Ep2 in Ep3

3 Easy Steps To Use The Amulet (The Coin)

Steps to use the amulet

We are sure that many of you have received the amulet (coin) when you achieved one of the many endings ending in Hauntu EP2 but many of you are also thinking what is this coin that we’re talking about, not to worry because even if you don't have the coin, you can use the tips given to fully maximise your experience. Here are 3 steps on how to use the coin in EP3 The Investigator.


Step 1: Pay attention to written detail

Steps to use the amulet

At the beginning of the journey, you will be given a few important handouts that you don't really pay attention to. You normally skim through the flyers instead of trying to retain every single piece of information on the handout. Hauntu EP3 requires you to have complete awareness and attention to the surrounding details. Your understanding of what is going through the journey will be important as you will need to make tough choices as you progress. For example, you will stumble upon a lady in white that may be holding a very important item in her keepsake that you might need later on in the game

For instance, the lady in white holds such an important item that you will be needing later in the game.


Step 2: Make the Amulet visible to the eye of the actor

Steps to use the amulet

The amulet or coin that is in your possession has to be clearly visible to the actors because if the actors aren't able to see then they won't be able to guide you in making the right decision which would give you different endings than the one that you're supposed to get. For the ones that do not have the amulet from the last episode, you can still receive the same ending as those who have the amulet (coin) but you will need to make the right decisions.


Step 3: Utilize your findings & relate to the amulet

Steps to use the amulet

If you play your cards right and follow all of the previous steps then you can be rest assured that you already have the right information, right items, and have also made the right decision. You will need to take actions based on what you think is right that might lead you to an ending that you never expected would happen. There will be a situation where all the items and information that you have collected will come to use and you will be able to figure it out if you have a specific item. If you're able to combine both elements, what lies ahead will be much more interesting.

We hope that these tips and tricks will be useful and give you the full experience when you decide to come to try out Hauntu EP3: The Investigator. On a side note, players who don't have the amulet (coin) from EP2 can purchase it for RM5 at the outlet in case you want to make things slightly easier for yourself and to those with coin, we expect you to utilize the coin to the max! So what are you waiting for, book your sessions here now!


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