Kisah Seram by Hauntu – Ep 3 #MyHauntuStory Kena Kacau Dgn Dukun?

Kisah Seram Ep3 | #MyHauntuStory - Kena Kacau dengan Dukun?Transcript

The 5th Floor (True Story By Jen)

So this happened when I was studying in Taiwan. During every junior's freshman year there's always gonna be seniors who tell us chilling paranormal stories to us, and I am no exception because it is always fun to hear and one would usually think that it's nothing, but not for me apparently. I was a performing arts student and my classes were usually held in this specific building where each level corresponds to each department, one level being the performing arts department and it is located on the 9th floor. So my seniors had told us about a suicide case which took part on the 5th floor, where a girl apparently hung herself due to depression and family problems. 


After that case, many people actually had some paranormal experiences which we were also told by our seniors. Obviously, as a naive and bold person, I didn't think much about it, but of course, I didn't dismiss that fact, as well as I, don't wanna disrespect anyone. But one night after my usual evening dance practice I was ready to go back to my dorm and as I was descending from the 9th floor the elevator stopped on the 5th floor. Side note I was alone with no one else and the building usually closes at 9pm sharp. 


So I was on the 5th floor thinking that someone wants to enter and waited, but as the door open not only was there no one waiting but the hallways were all pitch black dark, at first I didn't think much about it because I thought someone must have pressed wrongly but then again, the exit for the staircase was locked and there's no way out unless we took the elevator. As I was about to press the close button I felt an unusual chill down my spine and heard a vague crying sound, and what's worse is that the door didn't close for a good minute. Thankfully the door closes again and I was praying during my whole journey back down to the first floor. So yeah, that was my experience. 


The Dukun Radio (True Story By Danial)

This was in 2014, it was the first night after my last SPM paper. My friends and I were hanging out late at night celebrating the “freedom” we had after finishing SPM. It was just a normal night, smoking shisha, recalling the absurd questions in our SPM papers, until one of my friends, Sheikh, suggested to us that we do something we’ve never done before, “Ghost Hunting”. Me and my other two friends, Syafiq and Faiz almost chickened out but after being convinced by Sheikh we all just went along with it. Sheikh claimed that he knew there was a house, belonged to Mona Fendy in Dato’ Keramat area. Sheikh used to live in a condo near this Mona Fandy house that he claimed. So that was our first destination. 

Now Syafiq just got a brand new Myvi so he was the driver, Faiz sat in front while Sheikh and I sat in the backseat of the car. When we got to the allegedly Mona Fendy’s house, a zinc barrier was already put up. I’m not sure what you call that thing, it’s like at the construction site with all the zinc things around it. So it seemed like the house was ready to be demolished, or reconstructed. So we left feeling disappointed. I mean we were scared as shit but we were hoping to see “something” at least just to experience it. So we drove away, heading to drop Faiz home. It’s around 3AM now. Here was when things got creepy. 


When we stopped at the traffic light, in front of Jelatek LRT station, next to the Taman Tasik Dato’ Keramat, the car radio suddenly turned off. I shouted “Tak payah lah tutup lagu tengah sedap tu!” But everyone stayed quiet. Because no one even touched the radio. Now how the hell a brand new Myvi could have problems with the radio? At this moment no one actually said a thing until the traffic light turned green. Next thing we know, god I can’t forget this moment, the radio turned itself back on, to a frequency I’ve never seen before, AND PLAYED A MONA FENDY SONG, A SONG CALLED PURA-PURA. I recognized the song through its melody and rhythm because back then I searched her songs on Youtube for fun after discovering who she was. 

But this time, the song sounded really creepy, the voice was distorted, and accompanied by traditional Malay instruments. It was playing for a good 20-30 seconds. Everyone just stared at the radio, speechless and Syafiq now started driving slowly, ready to stop the car if anything happens (though I’d say that wouldn’t be a good idea). I jumped from the backseat to turn the radio off myself. Now things got quiet again. We dropped Faiz home, we didn’t say much, just did some handshakes, and left. Everyone was pretty much shaken up by the incident. 

We decided to let the radio turned off for the rest of the trip. Now Sheikh is in the passenger seat. I kept looking at the radio to make sure no one touched the radio, and to make sure the radio doesn’t turn itself on again. BUT, when we reached the same traffic light, in front of Jelatek LRT, THE RADIO TURNED ITSELF ON AGAIN AND PLAYED THE SAME SONG. We screamed like hell and turned off the radio and Syafiq hit the gas like he was Dominic Toretto and headed home at top speed. Needless to say, the 3 of us slept at Syafiq’s place that night because it was just crazy. Next morning, Syafiq checked the radio, everything was fine, working as normal. They didn’t know what song it was until we spoke about it 2 weeks later, and I told them it's a Mona Fendy song, titled “Pura-pura” we listened to it on Youtube and they remembered but it was this song but distorted and using different instrumentals. It felt surreal.

Well. That’s the story. I believe she “knew” we were looking for her, and maybe tried to communicate with us through the radio, though it sounds far fetched. We were looking forward to “seeing” Mona Fandy. I guess she saw us first 🙂 

Tingkat Berhantu (True Story By Brokoli)

Pada bulan February maka mulanya saya practical di sebuah bangunan PJ (Nama dirahsiakan) saya pergi Blok A tempat Yang saya practical tuhh berada Di tingkat atas sekali tingkat 25 so saya pun tunggu lift setelah saya masuk lift saya pun tekan tingkat 25 jadi orang sekeliling saya melihat pelik ....

Saya pun diam jelah saya fikir pada waktu ketika itu saya nak habiskan pengajian saya sewaktu saya menunggu untuk ke tingkat 25 saya Sudah merasa tidak sedap hati Dan bulu Roma saya merinding .... Saya diam jugak saya baca Al fatihah.... Saya berkata Dalam hati ya Allah Aku nak habiskan pengajian Aku Dalam beberapa bulan saja lagi lalu sesudah sampai tingkat 25 Dalam menuju saya ke office, saya merasakan saya jalan tempat tersebut seperti banyak dinding Dan laluan Yang berliku liku.... 

Saya sesat saya pusing tempat itu berkali Kali lalu.......... Saya saya pun mencari lagi mecari lagi tempat office saya Dan Ada suatu ketika semasa saya berjalan saya terbau kemenian india Yang sangat kuat. Bau tersebut macam mengikut saya.... Saya selawat.... Bau tersebut lagi kuat ..... 

Saya kebelakang Ada sosok hitam berbau busuk katanya merah lalu saya toleh kehadapan semula sambil baca ayatul kursi saya lalu kebelakang.... Tanpa fikir panjang saya pun lari saya terserempak dengan boss saya masuk ke office tersebut lalu menceritakan perkara  berlaku ... Rupanya Ada India mati bunuh diri dikawasan belakang office boss saya.

#MyHauntuStory Kisah Seram is brought to you by Hauntu. Based on original and true horror experience by the contributor(s).

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