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Your Next Level Team Building Activity

How does HAUNTU
Team Building Activity

Break into Groups

We will split your team into a group of 7-10 players. A maximum of 10 players can enter the experience for each session.

Role & Mission

Each player will be assigned with a role to complete a mission in a hotel filled with mysteries and the paranormal.

Experience + Fun

Players get to enjoy an approximated 45 minutes of horror experience while carrying out their mission.

Delivering An Unforgettable Team Building Experience

Hauntu Team Building | Complete a Mission


The players in each group will need to work together to complete the mission given and move forward together in the entire experience.

Hauntu Team Building | Make Decision

Decision Making

There are crucial decisions to be made during the mission. Therefore, the team will need to discuss among themselves and the choices made will result in a different ending.

Hauntu Team Building | Interact with actors

Communicate & Interact

We feature real actors in this horror experience. Hence, the players will need to communicate effectively and interact with the actors to help them in their mission.

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Team Building | Actors at Hauntu
Hauntu | Mystery in a Hotel
Hauntu Colle Cafe
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