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Your Next Level Team Building Activity in KL

How does HAUNTU
Team Building Activity

Break into Groups

We will split your team into a group of 7-10 players. A maximum of 10 players can enter the experience for each session.

Role & Mission

Each player will be assigned to a role, which will aid the team in completing their mission.

Experience + Fun

Players will get to enjoy approximately 75-90 minutes of a full horror experience while carrying out their mission.

Delivering An Unforgettable Team Building Experience

Hauntu Team Building | Complete a Mission


Players will need to work together to complete the mission as a group.

Hauntu Team Building | Make Decision

Decision Making

There are crucial decisions to be made during the experience. The team will need to discuss among themselves and the choices made will determine the ending.

Hauntu Team Building | Interact with actors

Communicate & Interact

We feature real actors in this horror experience. Players will need to communicate effectively with the actors who will guide you on your mission.

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Team Building | Actors at Hauntu
Hauntu | Mystery in a Hotel
Hauntu Colle Cafe
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