Hauntu is still safe to play! Here’s why we are so sure about it..

The Hauntu New Normal to Ensure Your Safety During this Pandemic

As fellow Malaysians, I think we can all be proud of ourselves in how well we have adhered to the Movement Control Order (MCO) to curb the devastating Covid-19 pandemic. Now that we are in the Recovery phase of MCO and as the stay-home challenge is loosened, Hauntu is reopening our doors to you. As the top attractions in Kuala Lumpur, we pride ourselves in putting our customers first and have taken the steps and put sop in place to ensure we are one of the safe things to do during this testing time.


1. You Can Own A Private Session

You don't play with people outside of your group. Enjoy a private session experience with no additional charges during C/RMCO or NRP.  

Hauntu safe to Play RMCO


2. The Safety Briefing & Physical Distancing

As a usual sop, our safety briefings will be delivered to you via video. Customers who are waiting for their sessions to begin will need to wait in their box and adhere to the 1 m social distancing rule, indicated by floor markers at our premises and the waiting area.

HAuntu New Normal | Social Distancing SOP


3. Hand Sanitizer

We will provide hand sanitizer and have made it the first requirement in our sop that all players sanitize their hands before entering the room and upon exit.  

Hauntu Covid-19 SOP - Hand Sanitizer


4. Our Cleaning SOP

Our Hauntu team members will be disinfecting our rooms after every session as part of their daily sop.

Hauntu covid SOP - Regular Cleaning


5. Nationwide SOP - Mask On

Before the MCO commenced, we launched a face mask campaign with the taglines 'Play Safe, Stay Safe' and "Get Your Mask Game On", to remind everyone to be responsible for curbing the spread of the virus. We ask that customers wear a face mask to our outlets both as a measure to protect themselves as well as others. As well, our actors will be performing with a face mask as a protective measure as well.

Hauntu Covid SOP - Wear Mask


6. We encourage cashless payment

To minimize human contact, please select the cashless payment option upon making your booking either by credit/ debit card or the E-Wallet platform. All our promotions are applicable only to E-Wallet. 


Additionally, MySejahtera App QR code will be placed at our shop’s entrance for contact tracing. Customers are required to scan the code and registered themselves before entering, we believe this is not a strange sop for anyone now.

Finally, we are happy to report that the mall the LINC KL where we are located has significantly stepped up their cleaning regimes and sanitize the premises frequently. 

These are trying times for us all both as a nation and the world. However, it is through our combined efforts that we have succeeded to flatten the curve of the Covid-19 outbreak in Malaysia. For all of us who have dutifully "duduk rumah" and for those of us who have been made to work from home, the transition back to normalcy will take some time. Nonetheless, we are happy to report that not only are we here to give you the fun and excitement you missed, we will strictly adhere to the above measures indefinitely to ensure your safety as well as ours. 


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