Confused What is Hauntu? Don’t Be. 8 Tips to Turn You into a Hauntu Pro

what is hauntu? 8 tips

Confused What is Hauntu? Don’t Be. 8 Tips to Turn You into a Hauntu Pro

Coming for the scares but not sure what is Hauntu? We know that’s why you’re here. However, did you know that Hauntu is so much more than your basic, run-of-the-mill haunted house? Indeed, we are Asia’s very first interactive haunted experience, and to get the most of your time with us, we have compiled a set of priceless tips for those who are wondering what is Hauntu that will make your Hauntu experience truly unforgettable.

What is Hauntu 1

  1. You are part of an elaborate story

The moment you enter the Hauntu's front doors, you enter into a different three dimensional world. This is your time to be the star of your own horror movie. The stories in each episode take place in different eras but all occur at the same location - the very haunted Colle Eastern Hotel. You are not just a spectator but a fully fledged character in your own right with a very crucial role to play.


What is Hauntu Actor

  1. Get into the right mood

Being part of the story means getting into character. You will be given key clues at the beginning that will give you an idea about the character you are. Now is the time for you aspiring actors and actresses to unleash your hidden talent. All those method acting classes can finally be put to use!


What is Hauntu 3

  1. Strategise your plan

Ok, this is probably not the easiest. Between jumping out of your skin by the scares and being hurried along, only the best of the best can keep a level head and think about the game plan. So if you can, more power to you. Getting in touch with the characters beforehand will help, and there is our Instagram page for that.


What is Hauntu interact

  1. Interact with the Hauntu characters

Now that you’re acquainted with our motley crew of characters, you will intuitively know HOW to talk to them and what questions to ask when you do finally come face to face. Don’t miss the chance to converse. It isn’t everyday that you can have a conversation with someone about a completely imaginary scenario, being chased down by ghosts while immersed in the role of your lifetime.


What is Hauntu - understand

  1. Understand the Briefing

It’s not that we want to lecture you but please pay attention to the video reel so that you know what you can and can’t do for the sake of your enjoyment and those around you. Limits and boundaries are good, please follow them.


What is Hauntu - Make Decision

  1. Make a decision and stick to it

There are no right or wrong decisions in Hauntu and choosing the best possible outcome is probably the hardest of all tasks to do. Brainstorm with your group. If everyone is paying attention, chances are, someone will notice something that will lead you to making the right decision for your desired outcome.


What is Hauntu - different ending

  1. Come back for a different ending

Yes, Hauntu can be played again and again. Most people find that the first time round is more an introduction and get to know what is Hauntu while the second time is when they are familiar enough with the set where decisions can actually be thought through and made.


What is Hauntu - enjoy and scream

  1. Enjoy yourself!

Forget tips 1-7 and just roll with it! Just kidding. We would like you to make the effort to play Hauntu the way it was designed. However, Hauntu is also a whole lot of fun to those who just want to roll with the punches and enjoy the scares. Nothing wrong there either!

We hope these 8 tips will come in handy for your next Hauntu trip and share them with your friends who are wondering what is Hauntu.  For more advice on how to maximise your time at Hauntu, do check out our previous blog of top 6 tips before experiencing Hauntu.

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