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Kisah Seram Ep1: True Horror Story Transcript

Kisah Seram: The Possesion (True Story By Aedam Daniel)

I was 10 years old, at an age of naivety. I'll be honest, I've always been a fan of horrific and morbid stories/events for as long as I can remember but when I was 10, I remember being sceptical about anything paranormal-related. I didn't believe that they existed. Just a big hoax to scare people or to tell their children so they'll behave themselves but all of this changed on one fateful night in December.   

It was pretty much like any other night but then my mother came into the front door with my grandfather (her dad). Which was weird because it was pretty late for a visit but something was off. My mother has always been a chirpy woman, happy go lucky if I may add. She looked different. Her face looked older and she was hunching. Now, bear in mind. She was 6 months pregnant with my youngest brother. At this point, her baby bump was obvious and she isn't able to bend over anymore. Though I saw with my very own eyes that she was hunching like an old lady with a walking stick. She came up to the master bedroom with my grandfather helping her out.

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She sat down on the bed, facing the entrance of the room.  I was standing outside facing her. I was confused, asking myself, "Why does she look like that? Why did she walk hunching over?" My sister was just only 2 years old, she came up to me and asked me to carry her. My mother then looked at us and what she said will forever be engraved in my mind. "Cu....mari sini ke" as she says with a raspy voice of an old lady. At this point, I knew that she wasn't my mother anymore and something was possessing her. Right after she said that she immediately looked at my parents' wedding portrait and shouted, "LELAKI TU SETAN, LELAKI TU SETAN!" as she pointed at my father in the photo. My grandfather immediately asked me to move away and he locked the door. I was in shock. I brought my sister to her room. I was speechless. So many questions rushed through my head.

"Am I going to see my mother again?" "Is she going to die?" "What's going to happen to me and my siblings". I started crying with every question rushed into my head. I felt like I was crying for hours. My sister was looking at me confused wondering why I was crying. About an hour has passed, my grandfather finally unlocked the door and came out. I ran to him and asked whether my mother was okay? He said she was fine. I rushed into the room and into the master bathroom to find my mom refreshing herself. I was crying but I was happy and hugged her. My mother calmed me down and said, "Shhhh... stop crying. It's still lingering somewhere around here. You crying will call it back here." I immediately kept quiet and went out to my room. The night became normal again but from that night going on, I believe that ghost/entities are real. Roaming around as we do.

Kisah Seram: The Resident of Suite Room (True Story By Aiman)

Cerita seram ni jadi masa I baru je kerja seminggu kat Hauntu. Knowing myself, I ni sgt susah la nak jumpa or nampak this kind of thing. So kt Hauntu ni consider my first time. Masa tu baru je clock in, I buat opening dengan Atiqa for Iman. 

Masa open suite room tu I bawa la flashlight along. Lepas both light dah buka, when we are about to keluar bilik, I toleh belakang again to check the room, siap suluh flashlight lg. And then I clearly saw a shadow, bentuk macam lelaki yang bagak, ambushing me really fast. I can even feel the wind and then I stucked. Suddenly Atiqa dragged me to the dressing room like knowing something.

As we know Atiqa did claim that she can see things. So I rasa macam makes sense tau tindakan dia tu. Then petang tu masa tak ada wave I have a talk with Atiqa and she said she did see the thing too, even clearer. I told her lah yang I tak pernah nampak something like this ever in my life, even I can see its shape and size.

Kisah Seram Hauntu


I said to her,   "Maybe I can see this because you are there. Dia suka dekat you kot, tiqa!" But then Tiqa said, "It's a she!". I've goosebumps.

#MyHauntuStory Kisah Seram is brought to you by Hauntu. Based on original and true horror experience by the contributor(s).

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