Top 5 Complaints from HAUNTU Ghosts (BTS)

Top 5 Complaints from HAUNTU Ghosts (BTS)

Literally nobody:


Me: Hey guys, I know lots of you have been admiring our ghost master's job. It's so cool to be paid to scare the sh*t out of people. Right? Behold! Today I will reveal the Top 5 complaints from your fellow ghosts masters. Let’s see if you fall into any of these categories.

1. Ghost Master Mark: “I told them to explore this corner, but they go to the other corner! SMH”

Ghost masters sometimes wonder if they have been speaking an alien language, especially in face of customers who do the complete opposite of what’s being told all the time. More often than not, our ghost masters always give you instructions that help you to get the best experience.

So, the win-win situation is for you to play along with our ghost masters, do as they say.


2. Ghost Master Felicia: “When a player hit/touch me, by reflex I almost hit them back.”  

Well, yes yes I know. Science taught us that humans get into either fight or flight mode when in danger. But please, always opt for flight. Let’s all be civilised


3. Ghost Master Ahmad: “S/he's alone?? OMG please don’t chicken out.”

More often than not, we have guests who check-in alone (idk where they get the courage to do so but I could use some). The result is, barely 10 minutes in and they freaked out. Since policy stated strictly no refund, it’s such a waste that you can’t experience the 5-star scare treatment from our ghost masters. Don’t you agree?

Here’s a tip for you. Come with 7 or more friends.

Why? It is definitely safer when you are sandwiched between your friends because you don’t have to worry about your exposed back during the experience 🤣

Another tip for you. If you come with less than 10 people, you will need to check-in with other people to make up to 10. So, bring more to get a private experience! (maximum 10 players per entry).


4. Ghost Master Keisha: “Dato Lokman, customer broke the door. Can I get them to pay for the damage?”

To pay, or not to pay. That is the question.

This is by far Colle Eastern Hotel management team’s number 1 challenge. We love our guests and so we always want to give them the best experience. It always breaks our heart whenever there is damage caused because while policy states that we can hold our guests accountable for the damage, most importantly we want them to have a pleasant stay with us.

In some extreme instances, we do request to be compensated for the damage. However, some customers tend to get upset over our request despite being briefed for the 999th time by our lobby girl/boy that “No brute force is allowed in this premise”!

As we are a 5-star hotel, we always ensure that every nook and cranny of the hotel is kept at its highest standard. Thus, every time damage happens, our ghost masters (aka Fix-It-Felix) attend to it immediately and fix it within the shortest time possible for the next group of guests. Kesian mereka.


5. Ghost Master Izzat: “Sigh! When they don’t scream when they are supposed to, I just... argh”

Top 1 most awkward scenario for ghost masters is when our guests don’t scream. At all.

*awkward silence with cricket sound in the background*

Ghost masters fall into a deep existential crisis when that happens. 🤣

So, do play along and give us at least 1 fake scream or laugh even if you are the cool guy in the group. Making you scream is our highest satisfaction (also achieving our KPIs). Else, leave us a feedback at the end so we can give you a better scare when you return for episode 2!

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Contributor: Alice, The Meme Queen

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