Kisah Seram by Hauntu – Ep 2 #MyHauntuStory Paranormal Activity

Kisah Seram Ep2: True Horror Story Transcript

Horror Story: The Room R (True Story By Leo)

Breakout Nu Sentral was launched in 2015. As a tradition for Chinese, before we open the shop for business we will get a SIFU to check- out the place to make sure things are right, the position of everything and to check whether there is any "bad" thing or paranormal activity going on in the shop.

Breakour Room R

On that day around noontime, SIFU asked me to dismiss all the employees and myself to stay at the entrance of the shop in case he needs me. While he was doing his ceremony in all the rooms, he called me into one of the rooms. I name it Room R. He told me there is this thing in this room (some paranormal activity going on) that he needs extra effort to lock the spirit but everything is going to be fine. He told me the gender and age and how's the thing looks like and that thing was residing in the corner of the room. 

Honestly speaking, I can't see it so I somewhat ignored it and didn't bother much. I didn't tell anyone either. A few days later, one of our ex-employees went into this room R to do some setup and QC the room. She can see things as I heard from other colleagues and she walked from room R quietly. I asked her what happened? She said, "KaWai, I saw it.. there is a kid at the corner of the room". She does not want to reply when I further ask her. But.. yes, Sifu told me it was a KID. I got a goosebump at that time.. Maybe it's just coincident. 

A few months later, a group of customers with a young boy around the age of 7-8-year-old were experiencing the game in room R. Suddenly, the group called for our game master in the middle of the game. Our Game master attended them and apparently the young boy was crying and say "He is looking at me from that corner" . The other members of the group thought the boy doesn't want to play and make such lame excuses. Game master escorted the kid out and the game continues. The issue was escalated to me. I texted SIFU and ask. Sifu said "Don't worry, see he never harm anyone, the thing is just lonely and want to participate"

After those few incidents, on and off I heard reported cases like screws were missing and reappeared in the room R when the game master was fixing stuff. But nothing was major. 

I don't know whether the thing existed but I always believe if we don't disturb anything from another world, they won't disturb us either.

Horror Story: The Senior (True Story By Jia)

Basically , one of our clubs in our university held a theatre " the masque of the red death" in which on the day of the play, my friend and I were re-touching the props and there were only two of us. It was around 7 pm and no one was there yet as we were finishing our jobs on the boxes and props from the audience seat I saw one of our senior who is going to act in the play sat alone in the chair, not thinking much I continued my work until I feel a sudden chill on my neck and I glanced at our senior once more and that was when I realized her face was all black. No eyes can be seen. It was pure black no nose, no outline of her jaws, just black and she stared at the floor for a long time. 

Well I was being an idiot didn't think much of this so I ask my friend who was reattaching the box with a string 

"Hey J , isn't that our senior? Why is her face so black is there any scene in the play that required additional makeup? I didn't realize she had been sitting there for a long time" I asked him and he threw his glance at the woman sitting in one of the chairs before quickly looking down. "...let wrap up and we'll come back later" his face tighten

"Well what's the matter?, our senior kan are you afraid of something" I snorted

" do realize that's not our senior," he says quietly

My dense head was trying to figure out what he was rambling about.

"Dude that is our senior. She wore the same clothes this afternoon" as I pointed at the unmoved girl in the chair.

"You cant see the white part of her eyes and... she didn't even move for past minutes.. we are the only two people in this hall, the actor and actresses had gone home to change and there is no way she is here and doing nothing"

As I  piece all the information together I realized what he meant

" oh dude, don't tell me that is.."

The senior was still sitting there, not doing anything just staring at the floor. No matter how hard we tried to make sense of her face it was impossible. She was composed and sat there. That scares me the most, usually, ghosts or the one I played in Hauntu was interactive. She just sat there and had no movement at all. As if waiting

"We gotta get out of here but how"  because the *senior* apparently sat opposite to the exit and before we could even panicking. 

Suddenly the senior stood up and moved very slowly to the exit and when we try to peek to see her back, she was gone.

It was scary and we wanted to go home but showtime was nearing so we had to stay and after 4 minutes or so, our original senior came barging into the hall with her clothes for the show and she saw us and greeted us. Her complexion was fair, we could see he eyes and movement and all and she looked us funny "you looked like you seen a ghost"

"Yeah you dangit" I whisper to my friend. 

The show goes on flawlessly and there were other strange things that happened but well I think I wrote enough. 

Since this day we still don't know what the heck we saw in the hall that day. Could be that we used eggs to make blood for the scene and it attracts it.

... the crazy coincidence was that the senior I had been...talking in this story about was the same senior that had been possessed months ago when the ustadz asked our help to assist her. I didn't know it was her until someone had told me about it. 

#MyHauntuStory Kisah Seram is brought to you by Hauntu. Based on original and true horror experience by the contributor(s).

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