Demons are locked up during Ramadan. Why?

Demons are locked up during Ramadan. Why?

As we approach and reach the holy month of Ramadan, now is the time where Muslims across the world take this time to not only fast from early morning to evening but to also improve their spirituality by regularly reading the Quran and performing nightly prayers (Terawih Prayers).

Gate of hell is close during Ramadan

A Backdrop on Ramadan

Muslims all around the world are required to fast as a requirement for self - discipline, sacrifice and to also form empathy for those who are not as fortunate and to help encourage generosity. It is also well documented that during the holy month of Ramadan, the gates of heaven are widely opened whilst the demons of Hell are chained up and prevented from walking the Earth. But why is this the case, you may ask?

Ramadan avoid sinful messages spread to the muslims

A Door Closed & A Gate Opened during Ramadan

The obvious reason for demons to be locked up during this holy month is to prevent their lustful messages from reaching the ear of Muslims and directing them to perform sins. A simple example would be how locking demons up can decrease the chances of Muslims spreading bad rumors regarding other people behind their backs. It is also during this period that the gates of Heaven are opened to their widest, so that the good deeds of the followers are doubled, if not quadrupled during this month and that gates of Hell are closed shut so that the followers' sins are minimized compared to other months.

Ramadan Terawih Prayers

Final note

This is a holy month that puts to the test not only the mental and physical strength of a fellow Muslim during the fasting period but also in their spirituality and devoutness towards God. Over at Hauntu, our resident spirit Sarimah may also have to deal with the fact that she herself has to be locked up during the Ramadan month! Or is she?... There is only one way to find out and that’s by booking a stay at the Colle Eastern Hotel!