Got goosebumps when driving in Karak Highway? Here’s why

Got goosebumps when driving in Karak? Here’s why

Many of us either know Karak or have driven on it many times while traveling. Karak is a 60km interstate highway that runs from the town of Gombak in Selangor before ending at Karak itself in Pahang. It was built in the 1970s as an alternative to the winding Route 68 to help ease travel and it also includes a tunnel that became Malaysia’s first ever highway tunnel. Karak has also had many accidents on its route with the worst being a multi-vehicle pile up in the 1990s when a collision happened with multiple FRU vehicles, a tanker lorry, a bus and 10 cars causing the deaths of 17 people. Due to its long history and countless accidents that have happened during its time, this infamous highway has become the center for many supernatural and paranormal stories that have continued to haunt Malaysians till today and have spawned horror movies such as “Karak” and “Volkswagen Kuning”.

Yellow Volkswagen Beetle

The Yellow Volkswagen Beetle

Karak has held host to many hauntings and supernatural beings but the most popular urban legend in Karak is the story of the yellow Volkswagen Beetle. Legends say that if you drive late at night by yourself, you’ll come face to face with this mysterious yellow Volkswagen Beetle. If you try to overtake it, it will appear in front of you again later many times and if you manage to look into the car, you may find that no one is driving it! There is also the story of a ghostly boy who roams the highway asking passing drivers where his mother is. It was rumored that the boy and his mum were involved in a deadly car crash where the mum was flung out of the car and the boy himself was killed as well. And to this day, he still haunts the road searching for his lost mother.

people got killed and injured

Others Karak’s Infamy

Another infamous urban legend behind Karak is the story of a young couple and their child whose car broke down on Karak itself. The husband decided to go out alone in hopes of finding help. Soon, a police car arrived with officers informing the young mother to slowly approach the patrol car with the child without looking back. Once she did, she looked back and was horrified to find what remains of her husband’s body on the roof of the car! And lastly, there is the story of a late night radio host who received a mysterious call from a caller telling him how he saw himself and his family die in a crash on Karak. The host played it off as a joke, but the very next day an accident occured in an eerily similar fashion to how the caller told it. The host replayed the recorded message but all he could hear was static on the line. And these are just some of the many scary urban legends that have continued to plague Karak!

Pepsi Lost in Karak

With so many different urban legends born out of Karak, it’s no wonder that many thrill-seekers and Malaysian ghosts fans venture out to Karak in hopes of finding evidence of the afterlife. But what if you want to experience the horror of Karak without actually going there? Fret not, as Pepsi Lost In Karak is here to bring the ghoulish fun of Karak to you! So, what is the Pepsi Lost In Karak event? It is a one-off, a pop-up immersive event happening at The LINC KL brought to you by Pepsi from May 26th to May 30th.

In “Pepsi Lost In Karak”, you will be playing as part of a group of scientists traveling to Karak to find a wildflower that can cure an ongoing pandemic. However, your bus soon veers off course and crashes on the highway after which you find yourself in a village with the local inhabitants that call Karak home?

Beyond having fun, players also experience how their actions can potentially lead to strong impacts on the community around them and allow players to strengthen their moral values towards nature after the experience.

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Pepsi Lost in Karak Immersive Horror Event


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