6 Best Original Horror Stories that You MUST Watch on Youtube

6 Best Original Horror Stories (kisah Seram) that you MUST watch on Youtube

Let’s face it. We all share a morbid fascination with horror stories, even those who claim to hate horror movies. There is just something about the supernatural and the unknown that gets our imaginations going! Well, for those who feel like they’ve heard or seen it all, we did some internet sleuthing and have unearthed some youtube videos that you likely have not heard of before. Here are some Cerita Seram (horror stories) by Malaysian Youtubers that are interesting and well worth watching!

1. The GRAB and FOODPANDA Rider Horror Stories.

Door to door delivery is a mainstay of modern life and food delivery services are a blessing for those late night cravings when we are just too lazy or busy to go out. But has it ever crossed your mind how the night plays out for these industrious delivery riders especially when having to deliver to out of the way, secluded and eerie areas? Watch this video to hear the horror story experienced first hand by popular delivery riders from GRAB and FOODPANDA. We promise you will be grateful the next time you order food late at night!

2. My Sister has the ‘Third Eye’

Throughout the world, regardless of culture or country, there have always been people born with certain unnerving ‘gifts’.

If you’ve seen the Ghost Whisperer tv series or The Conjuring Universe, both main characters portray people touched by this gift - the ability to peer beyond the veil of reality into the other side and channel messages from the spirit to the living. In this video, a lady describes her horror story growing up with a sister who has this exact gift of communicating with a supernatural entity. If that doesn’t creep you out enough, perhaps the thought that there is probably a spirit right next to you watching you read this article might as according to these gifted people, they are everywhere, all the time. 

3. 10 Scary Urban Legends in Malaysia

This next video is a feature made by non Malaysians about urban legends in Malaysia. Yes guys, we made it to the popular YouTube channel ‘The Most Amazing Top 10’ hosted by Danny Burke. We can’t say we are surprised though, our local lore is replete with hair raising archetypal spirits with a blood lust enough to petrify even the hardest of criminals. If you need a reminder as to just how creepy our local ghosts are, the video covers decent ground, and includes famous Cerita Seram such as toyols and the infamous story of the Yellow Volkswagen on Karak Highway.

4. Pocong - Hands down the scariest entity in Malaysia.

If you’re wondering how commonly seen out local ghosts are, the next video may not make you feel better about our horror legends. The video features horror stories submitted by Malaysians to the popular kisah seram YouTube channel “Neyna Story” about Pocong sightings and experiences. The channel features a smorgasbord of horror content covering ghost sightings, mysteries and murder cases but it is this video about Pocong - a shrouded ghost said to be the soul of a dead person trapped in its burial shroud - that really gave us the shivers. 

5. COVID-19 Quarantine Patients and Their Horror Stories.

The pandemic is horrific enough. But the pandemic AND ghosts? Show me the exit please. As the pandemic hit our shores like a hurricane, sending our healthcare services into a frenzy to prepare for the wave of the sick, quarantine centres were set up across the nation with the most well known one being the MAEPS in Serdang. This video recounts two inexplicable, ghostly encounters experienced by positive COVID-19 patients quarantined in the large hall. I suppose this is just one more reason NOT to get covid and to stay home.

6. The horror story of a Malaysian who can see what others can’t.

Our final entry is from the popular Malaysian content creators -‘SAYS’. While their kisah seram content typically covers a wide variety of topics, from the biggest stories in Malaysian politics to entertainment, this video has the channel switching gears to tell some good old fashioned kisah seram or horror stories from the unseen world. This video tells the stories of a Malaysian who has the ability to see ghosts. Some of the experiences are so chilling that you don't wanna be alone while watching this.

While Hauntu is still close at the time of writing to serve you with our horror house experience, we hope you enjoyed our horror stories aka kisah seram recommendations while staying safely at home. Have you had any ghostly experiences yourself? Comment below or share with us if you have watched any good Cerita Seram videos on Youtube! And if you wish to watch more authentic horror stories submitted by Malaysians, check out Hauntu’s Koleksi Kisah Seram on our Youtube Channel

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