Hauntu Covid-19 SOP & Updates

1)How does Hauntu apply social distancing measures in the outlet?
As usual, Our safety briefings will be delivered to you via video. Customers who are waiting for their sessions to begin will need to wait in their box and adhere to the 1 m social distancing rule, indicated by floor markers at our premises and the waiting area.

2)Is there any limitation of people in the outlet at any given time?
We limit not more than 20 people at the lobby waiting area.

3)How’s the cleanliness in each of the game room being maintained?
Rooms will be disinfected every session after the customers have completed their session.

4)Crowd management?
The nature of this activity will not cause huge crowd in our outlet at any given time.

5)Is there any new age restriction?
Customers who age above 60 are strictly prohibited. Age 12 and below must be entered with their parents/ guardians. The parent/guardian understands that it is their responsibility to ensure compliance with the terms & conditions by themselves and the minors under their care, and ensure that they will take all reasonable effort to ensure that they do not breach their duty of care towards the minor(s).

6)Do we have a cashless payment option?
Our shops are equipped with a variety of cashless payment systems such as credit card, E-wallet including, Touch&Go Pay and Grab Pay.

7)Since there is a 1-metre policy, how will we conduct the safety briefing?
The safety rules briefing will be carried out via a playback video on a TV Screen.

8)Will we do a temperature check upon entering?
According to new MKN SOP, the body temperature of every visitor will be scanned upon entering the shopping mall and visitors with a temperature above 37.5℃ are not allowed to enter.

9)Can customer walk in without a reservation?
No walk-In is allowed, customers will need to make a reservation in advance on our website for the specific time they would like to conduct their game.

10)How do we trace customer?
MySejahtera App QR code will be placed at our shop’s entrance for contact tracing. Customer is required to scan the code before entering.

11)What is our SOP for employee’s hygiene?
Our Employees are required to wear 3 ply face mask at all times when they clock in for duty. Mask has to be wear and cover up to their nose tip at all times. They are required to wash their hands with hand soap or hand sanitizer frequently upon arriving at the workplace. They are also encouraged to check their body temperature 2 times a day.

12)What else do we do to prevent from the spread of COVID-19?
Customers must wear a face mask in order to enter. Customers who do not wear a face mask can purchase one from our outlet selling at RM1.50. Customers are required to use the hand sanitizer prepared before entering. They are also required to be seated in the designated box labelled at the waiting area. After completing the activity, they are encouraged to sanitize their hand once again with the hand sanitizer prepared.