3 Steps To Find Out If You are being Haunted by a Ghost

3 Steps To Find Out If You Are Being Haunted By A Ghost

Are you being haunted by a ghost? To be sure whether it’s a ghost, we have ways to help you but before that we need to let you know about the types of hauntings that exist. Did you know that there are two types of haunting?  These hauntings come in two types which are Intelligent Haunting and Residual or Imprint Hauntings. They have very specific characteristics  for each one which we will explain to you in hopes that it will be your greatest asset when you enter the room.

Intelligent Hauntings

Men in black jacker capturing spirit

If you ever see a light orb in the room or if a door slams shut out of nowhere, chances are you are being intelligently haunted. These ghosts or spirits choose to interact with living beings, and they have the ability to respond to things that you say or do. You may attempt to communicate with them but beware - they may not let go if they take a liking to you. Getting them to attach is easy,  getting rid of them once they have attached is much harder. It's like asking an uninvited guest who has already made themselves feel at home to leave. Not gonna be easy.

Residual/ Imprint Hauntings

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These hauntings aren’t ghosts or spirits per se but are strong emotional and energetic imprints that linger in a space, accumulated over time. Ever wondered why you feel ill or sick when you are in a hospital, or why certain places put you in a bad mood? You are being residually haunted! This is one of the reasons why homes that have seen violence or tragedy are thought to be cursed and end up getting demolished. Thankfully, less serious residual hauntings aren’t permanent and can be dealt with by cleansing the space to shift the energy.

How to conduct a paranormal experiment to find out if you are really being haunted?

Now let’s dive into the ways you can conduct a paranormal experiment to capture evidence of spirits. This experiment works best on intelligent hauntings but you may also discover something odd such as strange colourations or sounds in residually haunted places. But beware, this is only for the brave so read at your own risk. 


#1: Provoke the Spirits or Ghosts

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You will need to try your best to PROVOKE THE SPIRIT or GHOST. Try evoking memories like bringing up mistakes or past trauma! This will trigger an emotional response and get the attention of the spirit in question.

#2: Make Friends with the Haunted Beings

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MAKE THE GHOSTS BELIEVE YOU ARE THEIR FRIEND. Entice them with an environment or object they would find comforting but if things go south it's on you. The spirits need to feel relaxed and calm to be able to trust you and reveal themselves to you.

#3: Documentation

Man documenting paranormal activity with voice recorder

DOCUMENT IT. Make sure you collect the evidence as proof! Try taking a picture or sound recording, if you don’t there will be no proof and it might as well never happen.

Are you freaked out yet? or do you still have some hint of bravery in you? If you’d like to test how well you can capture the evidence of ghosts or spirits, make your way to Hauntu's latest chapter EP3 THE INVESTIGATOR instead of experimenting with a real one. The above tips will prepare you for this upcoming adventure. Find out which hauntings are happening and do take in what is written above as it will help you with your mission in EP3. Let’s get started and hunt for ghosts here.

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