Is the Immersive experience like Hauntu considered halal activities or haram? Let us explain.

When most Muslims go looking for what to eat, most will focus not only on whether the food is tasty or the ratings but also for halal restaurants to know if the food is “halal” or safe and clean to eat for Muslims. However, did you also know there is such a thing as a “halal activity” or "game halal"? Halal activities are outings that don’t contain alcohol drinking, partying or other activities that can be considered unclean or non educational. The question then, what about theme parks, game that is halal or more specifically, what about immersive experience like Hauntu? Can a experience with ghosts, rituals and demons be considered “halal”? Don’t worry, our article will explain why so you don’t have to worry!

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Hauntu Immersive experience is only a fictional activity

Understandably, when you go through Hauntu, you may bluff at even thinking this haunted house attraction can be called “halal”. With ghosts, a massacre, a ritual and a cult, how is this even close to being “halal”? Do not worry, however, as you should know that all our rituals, cults and spirits are only fictional. All the elements of Hauntu have been taken from the works of fiction and stories and do not bear any resemblance to living creatures, deities or items. If you are worried that the rituals conducted in Hauntu may be linked to “syirik”, you can trust us as this is not true and that the ritual itself is made without any connection to any real life rituals. Just like halal restaurants, there’s nothing here that you should worry about!

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The experience does not contain any drinking or partying

If the fictional story and zero connection to real life occurrences isn’t enough, how about the fact that Hauntu as an immersive experience doesn’t contain any elements of drinking or partying? Unlike activities that take place in illicit nightclubs that involve numerous activities that can be considered unethical such as alcohol drinking, over partying and maybe even illegal drug use, you can rest easy as Hauntu allows you to have fun without any of these elements. In fact, we’ve stated very clearly in our clause that those who are under the influence of alcohol, for example, are not allowed to enter the experience. Thus, Hauntu is a very solid option that allows people to have fun without potentially injuring themselves. Well, except when you’re running from one ghostly character name "Sarimah", that is…

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Hauntu is halal activities because we helps to support the performing arts industry

Here’s something you may not realize.. While most people think of haunted house attractions such as this, they think of jumpscares such as ghosts popping out and scaring you. However, with Hauntu, this isn’t the case as Hauntu at The LINC KL is more than just a haunted house. It's an immersive experience that also contains elements of the theatrical and performance arts industry. With 2 years of lockdowns, many of the arts theaters were closed down and because of this, actors and actresses struggled to get shows and income coming. With Hauntu, we assisted them in helping to find their income and to help rebound post pandemic. Thus, when you visit us, you’re not only having fun being scared, you’re also helping many people in the arts industry who were affected to rebound and make their live performances again.

So, that’s all you need to know on why Hauntu can be considered a halal activity! Next time, while you’re looking for halal restaurants, you can also think of halal activities. You will not have to worry about whether doing Hauntu during the Ramadan period or any other time is considered a good idea or not as the above pointers should already give you the answers! So, what are you waiting for? Grab a few of your friends and make your booking with us now for an exciting immersive experience!