Is your house haunted? Let’s look at the possibilities of finding out if your house is haunted!

The lights are flickering in the kitchen. Doors are opening and closing on their own. There is an unusual scent in the bathrooms and many, many giggling noises echoing around the house. You’re a little sceptical, but overall spooked out! Your local ghostbusters are fully booked and you’re very curious, just wishing to get an answer now.

But how? Will it be the typical calling out a “Hello, who’s in here” situation, or a mini investigation here in the supposedly haunted house? Let’s look at the possibilities of finding out if your house is haunted!

Be Prepared

Always be on the lookout! When looking at properties, you’d need to be prepared physically and mentally that the place will come along with ‘extra guests’, as it was mentioned that the house or property may be haunted. Keep your mind open and positive in these situations, as your 'guests' can sense your nervousness!

Once the coast is clear, maintenance is needed for the place to make sure there aren’t any ‘new guests’ moving in when you do.

Do Your Research

Doing a little digging on the house’s history could potentially give you an answer to the hauntings that are happening in your home. In the USA, Americans would usually head to the county or public library to look up the property’s history. In Malaysia, asking the neighbours (not a wrong time to be a little nosy too) or the real estate agent to search up on the house’s history is the most common way.

Never Investigate Alone

When investigating a property or your own house, always have a companion or two with you. They can assist if anything goes wrong, and provide another set of eyes and ears to confirm the suspected hauntings. You never know that you may be the one investigated by the spirits!

Always Ask For Permission

Basic courtesy and manners is necessary, as the spirits you are investigating were once people too. In most Asian cultures, the most common way to signal these spirits is by knocking or ringing the doorbell, letting them know you will be coming in. Furthermore, you may want to follow up with phrases like “I am here to look at the house with no harm intended”, letting the spirits know you mean no harm to them. Maybe, they will leave you alone!

Be Safe & Cautious

Say a prayer whenever you feel chills running down your spine, or if you simply have a strong feeling ‘someone’ is watching you. A little protection and guidance never hurts. Being respectful is also necessary as they were once living people. Do not move or remove items which are in the location, you never know if you may anger them; and be sure to bring a housemate!

Use The AI Manga Filter

News that an AI Manga filter can detect spirits has been abuzz on Tiktok, taking over the app and has been the hottest trend. Just as the filter turns pictures and your home into animated versions, the new spirit detector incorporates animated ghosts in one's house. None of the animated spirits discovered with this filter appear to be extremely eerie, scary, or horrific. So if you are daring enough, why not try it out!


Whether you are hunting ghosts for fun, or want to be a part of Ghostbusters, you'd surely still need a house or a property to do so! But how to know which one will give you the best history and ghostly experience? With IQI Global's property agents of course!