4 Reasons Why Breakout and Hauntu is Perfect for Valentine’s Day in 2020

Valentine's day 2020 is just around the corner and everything seems to be too mainstream or expensive! Sometimes it can be hard to pick the right gift or do the right things for such memorable day! We have some suggestons for you!

1. Put your faith to the test.
Your lover is in chains and trying to escape. This is the perfect opportunity to unleash the hero in you and save the day.

2. Dinner is a bit cliche.
Why sit down for another boring meal when you can go on a ghostly journey full of heart stopping surprises. You can even hold hands tightly the whole time in the dark. A win for romance.

3. Quality bonding time.
We have rooms for just the 2 of you but #NoMakingOut. Instead, it will be the two of you against the world as you make your way through every puzzle or decision. Everyone loves a daring duo.

4. The Perfect First Date.
Single and wanna ask someone out? Our rooms are cheaper than a bouquet of flowers and magnitudes more fun. No contest there. #LoveAtFirstFright

Visit the websites to make your booking in advance.
Breakout: www.breakout.com.my 
Hauntu: ihauntu.com/book

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